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MyPageDirectory.com was created as a resource for Facebook (TM) Pages for the regular user.

With so many Facebook (TM) Pages out there we saw a need for a directory listing service that would make it easier for those with Pages to promote their pages and get new followers faster and easier.

There also needed to be an easier way to find a Facebook (TM) Page that you were searching for. Our search tool maximizes the top search engine in the world to work with the top social media site in the world.

This directory is here for the purpose of supporting Facebook (TM) Pages for local, regional and national businesses and for anyone else who would like to get additional traffic to their page. Others that will find it useful will be bands, celebrities, artists, political candidates, major brands, etc.

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MyPageDirectory.com is also here for you to share your tips, ideas, reviews and favorites of all things related to FB Pages. We invite your participation and want to hear from you.

That is what makes us different from other sites. We want your participation and ideas to make our community more informative and helpful to future visitors.

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