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I guess this page is your typical About Us page. We tell you a little about who we are and why we created this site.

Well the concept behind this site is a brain child of mine. At the beginning of 2010 I started spending a lot of time learning about FacebookTM Pages and what a great tool it was for businesses.

I really dug in and spent considerable time learning. I even learned some FBML and designed a custom template that others could use on their pages to make custom tabs.

As I started to customize pages for others I realized one of the most important factors was having a good marketing strategy that would attract your ideal follower of your page.

After some time the concept of this site came to mind. I began to think and plan on how it could be implemented. Finally after six months of planning I registerd the domain and began building on the SBI platform. No other platform could provide me with the ability to do what I wanted without having to spend thousands upon thousands for a developer to provide me with the system I needed.

So here it is. I hope you learn a lot here and that you receive great benefit from having your Page listed on our site.

The goal of the site is to provide training and information and to allow the community to share their pages, tips and ideas to betterment of all. I spend my time adding to the site and doing all I can to let others know about it.

I am available for interviews with the press for magazines, newspapers, radio and TV. Please visit my Contact Us page and one of my staff will work with you to set up a time to talk.

Thanks again for stopping by,
Peter Brissette
Site Evangelist

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